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The Good Life Lab Natural Hot Spring & PV Solar

This unique income-generating property is the subject of the award-winning book, The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living written by Wendy Tremayne which won the Nautilus major book award for sustainability and lifestyle in 2014.

The property is perfect for someone who wishes to have a natural hot spring of their very own, and/or dreams of integrating their work into their lifestyle. The property is ripe for further development into a fully commercial venture with additional overnight stays and hot spring tubs.

In its current form, it has hosted almost 1000 Airbnb guests (5 start super host), been the venue for countless lively events such as camping events, think tanks, concerts, dance parties, and contemplative retreats. With a large fire pit and patio in the center of the compound, two porches for socializing, and a hot spring, it’s quite naturally a hosting space.

Fully private and walled in, this quiet property is ideal for yoga and contemplative retreats. Life is a big part of this property, canopies of shade are found everywhere and the trees and plants are mostly food and medicine providing. The Good Life Lab is located in the heart of the commercial hot bath house district 1.5 blocks from the town’s commercial walking center.


Property Features

  • 108-degree natural hot mineral spring
  • R3 zoning – allows for additional new buildings on wheels (tiny house, RV) to be added without the need for building permits
  • 5-kilowatt solar system housed in a papercrete dome
  • Underground irrigation systems (5) feeding shade and food-providing trees
  • Two income-generating buildings: a unique sustainable dome that’s been Airbnb’s #1 rental in the area for 9 years and a 40’ rock star tour bus (also on airbnb)
  • Infrastructure for future growth: having long ago been an RV park the property has an underground grid that provides 20 points of plug-in for any new building: water, power, sewer, and this grid is fed by the PV solar system
  • Art studio
  • Two large furnished shaded porches
  • 1200 sq ft home (2.5 baths – one bath plumbed to hot spring)
  • Two shipping containers: one fully stocked workshop, the second is multi-use
  • Mature trees including fruit trees and medicinal plants
  • Large lava rock-lined fire pit with a surrounding flagstone ring set in a circle of trees
  • Artist-built metal entry gates: large drive-in gate has an underground I beam stabilizing the metal doors
  • 4 vehicle parking lot, commercial sign
  • Evening lighting: solar lights that activate automatically at night
  • Low taxes: Under $1,000 per year
  • Privacy – Property is completely enclosed and private

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