California Hot Springs Resort

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Nestled in the heart of Sequoia National Forest, the California Hot Springs Resort awaits, offering an exclusive getaway just a three-hour drive from the bustling city of Los Angeles. This 257-acre haven boasts a rich history and promises a unique experience for those seeking tranquility. Let’s dive into what makes this resort a hidden gem.

A Unique Blend of History and Nature

  • 10,000 SF historic main lodge commercial building
  • RV park with 44 hookups for 40 mobile “tiny house” units
  • Nine natural granite rock springs, gushing 350,000 gallons of drinkable mineral water daily

Untapped Potential

  • 12,000 SF warehouse for resort operations
  • The opportunity for a visionary developer to finalize the main lodge renovation
  • Unencumbered by brand or management, the resort awaits a transformation

Resort Yurts and Trailers

Extraordinary Soaking Experience

Mineral-rich spring water flows to residences, RV park, pools, and soaking tubs, ensuring a rejuvenating experience for every visitor.

In the heart of Southern California, this resort stands as a testament to the beauty of unspoiled nature and historic charm. Seize the opportunity to be part of its transformation and offer an unparalleled boutique resort experience.

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