Radium Hot Springs Resort New Mexico

For sale $ 2499000

“Radioactive” Radium Hot Springs Resort in New Mexico for Sale


Stats: 15 bed, 15 bath, 17,000 sqft
Location: Las Cruces – 50 miles NW of El Paso, TX

According to an article, the history of Radium Springs, the hottest, strongest natural radium springs in the world, dates back to when Indian tribes made pilgrimages here.


This property was built in 1930 by the Union Pacific Rail Road Company to serve as a hotel for travelers when it was known as the Harvey House. The property has an on-site mineral hot springs with water rights for 60 acres of hot water (130 degrees) and 10 acres of cold water. There are 3 outbuildings, the main building with 15 bedrooms, 8 master suites with several social areas. The property includes 14 acres of land, which is all the land west of the Arroyo and north of the Rio Grande River. There are approximately 1,500 feet of frontage to the river with 3 hot water wells and one cold well. Pool-wiser, there are 2 outdoor pools and 10 indoor single tubs.

Hot Springs Property Features

  • Main building with 15 bedrooms
  • Mineral hot springs (60 acre feet of hot water)
  • 10 acre feet of cold water
  • 14 acres of land
  • Three hot water wells
  • One cold well
  • Two outdoor pools

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