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Mineral Hot Springs South of Jackpot


From the listing:

This 240-acre parcel has about 223.58 usable acres. Most of the land lies on the west side of Hwy 93, but there is a Hot Springs on the east side.

Mineral Hot Springs lies about 12 miles South of Jackpot, Nevada. In its day it was the place to go! This is where Jackpot’s largest Casino, Cactus Petes started. At one time the property supported a small casino, dance hall, and stage with name entertainment. Supposedly the Son’s of the Pioneer’s played there. There was a small motel, swimming pool and hot baths. The buildings are now in disrepair and one main concrete block structure is the main building that may still be salvageable. The value is in the land and water. Approx. 30 acres lie on the East side of US Hwy 93 and it is where the Mineral Hot Springs exists. This land is zoned Commercial.

The water right is for one cubic second foot. The hot water share is for geothermal use and is to be reinjected through a leaching system. With proper application with the State Div. of Water Resources other uses may be permitted. The water is a shallow well and was recently pumped with a 20 gallon per minute pump and it could have pumped more. The water is approx. 135 degrees.

This is truly an Oasis in the High Desert and should be a great RV Park or similar use.


Contact seller:

Paul Bottari
Bottari Realty
Wells, NV
775-752-3040 (office)

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